Acrylic, Nylon & Cast Metal Dentures & Mouth Guards

Having missing teeth is an uncomfortable experience but is a common dental problem. Dentures are a convenient and reliable replacement for missing teeth. Our denture experts at Hutchinson Denture Clinic will get you smiling in no time. We’ll create the perfect fit of dentures just for you.
Our denture clinic offers a variety of denture services to suit your needs. Whether you’re after a complete denture, cover ups for a few missing teeth or need to repair and reline your dentures; we'll be able to help. We also provide mouth guards for those after extra protection for your teeth during physical activities.

Complete Dentures 

When you’re missing all or a majority of your teeth, complete dentures can provide you with a full set of functional and removable teeth. We offer immediate full dentures, which gets you your set of dentures faster than the traditional method. That's because immediate dentures are fitted and made for you before any tooth extractions needed. Getting immediate dentures means you'll have a set of replacement teeth without having to wait for the healing process to finish.

Partial Dentures

If you’re only missing a few teeth, partial dentures provide proper replacements and support for your remaining natural teeth. There are a variety of partial dentures available at our clinic. You can choose from an acrylic denture, nylon denture and cast metal denture:
  • Acrylic Denture – Acrylic dentures suit patients who have remaining teeth in danger of future loss or decay. An acrylic denture has a plastic base and is a low-cost solution for missing teeth. These dentures are easy to repair, reline and add further teeth to over time.
  • Nylon Denture – Customers after a flexible and clinically unbreakable resolution for their missing teeth can benefit from nylon dentures. A nylon denture is made up of the highest quality resin, which ensures its durability and doesn’t require metal retainers.
  • Cast Metal Denture – Cast metal dentures differ from nylon and acrylic dentures because they have a metal base for extra strength and stability. The added weight of the metal base, particularly on the lower jaw, also creates a more natural feeling during movements.

Repairs and Protection Services At Hutchinson Denture Clinic.

Repairs & Relines Dentures

Denture damage doesn’t just occur by accidents or neglect. Normal wear and tear is expected, and Hutchinson Denture Clinic provides professional services to repair and reline dentures and get them back to their original condition.

Just like regular teeth, dentures need maintenance over time as your mouth will naturally change. This leads to loosened dentures that can make chewing difficult and irritate your gums. Hutchinson Denture Clinic repairs and relines dentures, offering same day services, so you’re not without your dentures for long.

Mouth Guards

Protecting your teeth from future injuries is important. If you play extreme sports that require a lot of physical contact your teeth’s condition is the last thing on your mind. Sports mouth guards are a great preemptive measure you can take that reduces the risk of dental damage.

Our mouth guards are customised to fit your teeth so they are protected so you can play at your best with ease of mind.
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