Full and partial dentures in Alfredton.

Alfredton residents are aware of the importance of timely dental checkup. With the median age of Alfredton residents being 34 years, this suburb of Ballarat is witnessing a spurt in population growth and economy. Needless to say, with increasing population there is also a need for reliable and professional health care and dental facilities.

Hutchinson Dental Clinic is extending its expertise in dentures and oral care to Alfredton and its surrounding suburbs. Call now to enquire on 03 5332 7395.

Full Dentures

Full Dentures Alfredton

Complete dentures or full dentures are replacement of the complete set of teeth for lower jaw, upper jaw or both. Though a traditional form of treatment, medical advancements have made it more comfortable to wear and natural to look at.

Full dentures are made of prefabricated acrylic and custom made to fit your bite size, jaw size and its color. Hutchinson dental ensures that these removable replacements improves the drooping facial muscles and boosts your self confidence.

Partial dentures.

Partial Denture Alfredton

Partial dentures are more common for Alfredton residents seeking replacement for single or multiple teeth instead of the whole jaw. This treatment requires clasping the replacements to the adjoining natural tooth hence for this process to work it is vital that the remaining natural ivories are in good health. A timely intervention reduces the risk of remaining whites tilting or drifting.

In partial dentures, the look alike tooth is attached to a plastic base. We ensure that the base matches with your gum colour. This is then connected to a metal framework that holds the dentures.

Call Hutchinson Dental today to enquire your eligibility for partial dentures on 03 5332 7395.

How do I care for my dentures?

Your artificial set of teeth need as much care as your natural set of ivories. It is important that you keep them clean. For regular cleaning of full dentures, rinse it with lukewarm water after each meal. This will clean all the food particles stuck in it. Avoid brushing the complete dentures with hard brush as it may leave scratches and marks. For more detail care, Alfredton customers should read the instructions from the manufacturer as each brand and type vary.

What is the minimum age to get dentures?

There is no ideal age for Alfredton locals to start using the dentures. There have been cases when older Alfredton teens have knocked off the adult tooth due to an accident with no replacement tooth coming. So dentures is a procedure to consider. However, since the jawline is still developing until the age of 21, a regular change of dentures may be required in such a case.

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